Student Walk-Outs Planned for Wednesday at Rock Creek and Cascade

By Christopher Ponpitaksuk|November 22, 2016Cascade, News, Rock Creek, Top Stories|

Following the recent election of Donald Trump to the presidency, tensions have run high as divisions sewn deep into the fabric of American society threaten to tear it down the middle. The election brings with it a wave of nationalist fervor, and alongside it a distressing rise in intimidation, hate speech, and racial conflict.

Schools around Portland have, for the most part, taken a firm stance against this, with many shortly after the election making firm announcements that they will not be tolerating any form of discrimination on their grounds. PCC has gone so far as to organize a student forum to produce ideas and plans of action for the future of the college community.

There are those however who wish to go further, and they have come together to organize a student walkout at Rock Creek campus. There also seem to be plans to do the same at Cascade.

Calling themselves “The Student Movement,” they have stated that they intend to send the message that the students of PCC:

  • “Stand in solidarity with students who are Undocumented, LGBTQ+, Muslim, Jewish, POC, women and all other marginalized communities who have been targeted by the President-Elect.
  • “Promote Unity, Love, Acceptance, Respect, and Understanding in our PCC community.
  • “Stand against President-Elect Trump’s message of hatred, violence, discrimination, racism, sexism, misogyny, and fascism.
  • “And will demand that the PCC Administration proclaims the College a Sanctuary Institution”—that is, a school which will protect undocumented students in case of attempted arrest and deportation by federal authorities. This is done in anticipation of potentially extreme measures against immigration taken by the President-Elect Trump in his coming term.

The walk-outs are planned for Wednesday, November 23.

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