Free Food at Cascade

By PCC Press Release|November 30, 2016Announcements, Cascade|

In an effort to help our students address food insecurity at Cascade, this summer ASPCC Cascade established a partnership with the Oregon Food Bank to expand the Food Nook food pantry program on campus. The partnership enables ASPCC to purchase food at extreme discounts and stock the Food Nook shelves with free items as well. They are now able to stock dairy, protein, and perishable items in addition to canned goods.
Since the start of Fall Term the partnership has served 74 student households reaching 185 people, a significant increase from this time last year. The Food Nook provides an average of three days of food each week per student and amounts vary on family size. One day of food consists of breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack. Each meal includes a fruit/veggie, protein and a grain. To be eligible students must be enrolled in classes at Cascade. Students are limited to one visit to the Food Nook per week.
Additionally, the Food Recovery Program run by ASPCC has given out nearly 2,100 pounds of sushi during the same time period. This is food that would otherwise be thrown away and is delivered to ASPCC 4 days a week to distribute to current students.
People interested in either of these should go to the ASPCC desk on the second floor of the Student Union.
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