Volunteers of America Give Help to Students

By PCC Press Release|November 30, 2016Announcements, Cascade|

In the interest of serving students more effectively, this fall Cascade Student Services entered into a partnership with Volunteers of America Oregon to provide wrap-around services that supplement those offered at campus resource centers.
Students whose needs may lie beyond the scope of campus resource centers’ capacity and expertise can seek help from the trauma-informed and culturally responsive approach that Volunteers of America provide.
This partnership enhances Student Services’ ability to provide physical, mental, and holistic care to students through a referral process. Students can be referred by counselors, the Women’s Resource Center, the Multicultural Center, Disability Services, the Conduct and Retention Coordinator, the Veteran’s Resource Center, Trio Student Support Services and the Coordinator of the Portland Teachers program through a single point of contact.
Services available through the partnership with Volunteers of America include trauma counseling, addiction recovery and more.
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