But Seriously, Now What?

By Jake Edgar|February 13, 2017Opinions, Student Writing|

With growing concern stirring the general public and student body, I wanted to address a few hands on methods that individuals can affect change in their communities.

  • Donate to Charities that you believe in. For obvious reasons there are a plethora of charities, both local and national, to choose from, and for the record, when it comes to things like this there are no wrong answers. Plus you sometimes get cool stickers and other hella rad swag.
  • Call your congressman. In our district we are lucky enough to have a congressman that sticks to his gut on most issues and fights hard for his people, so Earl Blumenauer isn’t the person you need to pester. However there is a website called Swingleft.org which helps you find the nearest district which was won or lost by a small margin of voters, these are the most important districts to target. Speak to family in those areas, call local organizations that you believe in, and as always, be prepared to donate to campaigns that you trust. Money is power in this country, and when the American people come together to make anything happen, it’s almost always at the hands of a monetary sacrifice.
  • Vote every damn time. There is nothing more powerful than a voter on a mission.
  • Run for local office. If you tried the whole vote with your conscious thing and it simply didn’t pan out (yeah I thought we had it this last time too) then you can always just follow some timeless advice: “If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself”

And remember, “Never, ever, lose your sense of outrage!”  -Senator Bernie Sanders

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