PCC Shines in Graduate Salary Rankings

By Faculty Advisor Tony Greiner|February 17, 2017News|

The U.S. Department of Education has ranked local colleges on their graduates’ earnings compared to their cost of attending school. Portland Community College came through as the best in many categories. The story was broken by Andy Giegerich of the Portland Business Journal on Jan 6.

Giegerich gave a shout out to PCC for being the best of 21 different Oregon colleges for high graduate salaries, being the only one to make the “honor roll-like list” in this category.

There is still room for improvement, however, as PCC did not make the list of “25 Community Colleges that Advance Opportunities for low-Income students”

The report states that 43% of PCC students receive Federal Aid, including Pell Grants, and that the typical total debt for those who completed their undergraduate education was $17,042.

The analysis from the Department of Education can be found at collegescorecard.ed.gov.

And the story from the Portland Business Journal at goo.gl/wRctpT .

Our thanks to President Mitsui for bringing this to our attention.

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