The Bridge Is Hiring!

By Bridge Staff|April 29, 2017Announcements|

PCC’s Award-Winning Student Newspaper “The Bridge” is Hiring for the 2017-2018 academic year.

The following positions are open to any PCC student taking six or more credit hours per term (Fall, Winter, Spring) and who has a GPA of 2.0 or higher.  Work hours per week will vary from 5-20 per each week of the academic term, at the new minimum wage of $11.25 an hour.

The following positions are open:

Managing Editor.  Oversees newspaper operations, selects stories for publication.

Layout Editor. Works with the Managing Editor to prepare the printed edition for publication.  Experience with Adobe InDesign preferred.

Website and Email Administrator.  Maintains our WordPress site, posting stories to it that have been submitted and approved, and handles email contacts with our readers. Experience in WordPress required.

Advertising Sales Manager. Sells advertising in the newspaper and on the website. Works with the Art Director, printer, layout editor and website administrator to display ads effectively.

Social Media Director.  Maintains and posts to the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. Experience with at least two of these social media tools required.

Art Director. Works with the layout editor and Managing editor to design the front covers, advertisements, and graphics (photographs or designs) in the print edition.

Campus Reporters (4).  Report on stories from their assigned campus (must take at least one class at that campus), distribute print editions to newspaper boxes, and does investigative journalism on district-wide stories.

Sports Reporter. Covers all Sports at PCC, all campuses.  Must have a car.

All positions dependent on funding.  Work to being September, 2017, with possible training in the summer, to be arranged.

Applications are open now, and must be completed by May 5, 2017. You can access the application form here.

Questions:  email or call Faculty Adviser Tony Greiner 971-722-5333.

Extra Submissions required for some jobs:

For Reporters and Managing Editor: Please submit a writing sample.   Please do not submit creative writing.  Formal academic work, an essay, or reporting you have done are fine.

For the Art Director:  Please submit a copy graphic work you have done, or a link to online images that you created.

Layout Editor:  Please submit an example of a publication that you designed or helped design.

Social Media Director:  Please provide links or examples of your work in social media.  Personal sites are fine.

Website Administrator:  Please provide a link to a WordPress site you created, or updated and maintained.





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