What Can OrgSync Do for You?

By Kim Rinehart|May 15, 2017Announcements|

Some of you may have heard of orgsync via your MyPCC email account lately, here’s some information to shine on that subject to get you to better know what exactly is orgsync.

What is OrgSync?

OrgSync is an online platform that allows student clubs to charter and be recognized as a sanctioned club at their chosen campus and across the Portland Community College district. OrgSync is a place for students to connect with other students in a streamlined fashion. Overall, it helps students get involved!

What is the purpose of OrgSync?

OrgSync was created to help minimize the stress of starting and running a student club and/or organization. It provides a platform for students to create an online presences for their club. These spaces are called “portals”. These portals allow student Club Coordinators to organize and manage everyday functions of their club. Club Coordinators can create events and invite people to them. They can advertise their events to other portals, umbrellas and to the greater Portland Community College Community.

Each portal belongs to an umbrella. For clubs, they belong to the: Student Clubs and Organizations Umbrella. However, Portland Community College has four different umbrellas that students can seek information. Our umbrellas are: Student Clubs and Organizations, Student Leadership (ASPCC), Student Services and Resources, Academic Programs. Above anything else, we are the Portland Community College community. So, what does the structure look like?

Portland Community College community ——> The Four Umbrellas (Student Clubs and Organizations, Student Leadership (ASPCC), Student Services and Resources, Academic Programs) ——> individual portals that are signed up under various umbrellas.

How do you get involved?

Simple! Go to: www.orgsync.com and look up the Portland Community College community! Once you do that, you will be asked to create your OrgSync profile (think Facebook). ​Your log-in information for OrgSync is easy, it is tied to your MyPCC account!

Simply follow the steps and answer the questions, upload an awesome photo of yourself or your favorite flower or pet. Once that’s completed, have fun exploring OrgSync and finding clubs and activities that interest you!

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