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By Bridge Staff|May 22, 2017Announcements|

Western Civilization, Ancient to Medieval
CRN: 32837
HST 101
RC 10am-12:30pm M/W

CRN: 33717
HST 101
RC 1:30pm-4:30pm M/W


Description: Come take an exciting class that will reflect on the political, social and cultural roots of Western Civilization that we share in the American experience today! We will explore cultural artifacts, official documents, Greco-Roman Law, and religious institutions. All aboard!

Exercise in the Garden
CRN: 34478
PE 299D
SY 11am-12:20pm T/R


Description: If you want to strengthen your core and play outside in the Sylvania Learning Garden this is your class! We’ll learn simple gardening techniques, proper tool use, plus we’ll exercise to maintain happy and healthy backs, arms, abs and bodies.

CRN: 32940 / 32941 / 32942
PE 185A / PE 185B / PE 185C
RC Gym 10am-11:50am T/R


Description: Play basketball this summer at Rock Creek! We are offering a basketball class for anyone who likes to play hoops.

CRN: 30293
EC 201
RC 10am-12:45pm T/R


Description: Microeconomics is a social science course that studies individual decision makers such as consumers and businesses. We also study markets and how they relate to current events such as the health care debate. Economics is a fascinating subject and applies to all of us in our everyday lives.

Geography of Latin America
CRN: 32451
GEO 215
Distance Learning


Description: Latin America is a great mixture of European, indigenous and African cultures. We will examine the peoples and places of Latin America from a geographical perspective. Exploring the geographical dimensions of economic, cultural, political, and physical forces influencing Latin America as a region.

Global Climate Change
CRN: 32513 – Cascade
G 184
CA 6pm-8:50pm M/W


Description: Learn the story of the Earth’s climate, and what you can do about it! This lab class has a FREE E-TEXTBOOK, and will have broad sociological discussions about how to communicate climate change impacts to others. Prerequisite: MTH 20

Introduction to Computer Games
CRN: 30640
CS 133G
RC 1:00pm-4:20pm T/R


Description: CS 133G is a great choice whether you like to play or develop video games. Introduces fundamentals of computer game development, major game components, the game development process, and graphics. Design and development of two-dimensional computer games.

CRN: 34423
MUS 220A
RC 12pm-1:50pm T/R


Description: Do you love to sing? Summer term Chorus uses a systematic approach to building music reading and basic choral skills. This is a perfect class to prepare singers for fall-spring term choir that is focused on preparing music for public performance.

Creative Scriptwriting
CRN: 32482/32483
WR 243/247
RC 6pm-8:50pm T/R

CRN 31624/31625
WR 243/247
CA 9am-11:50am T/R


Description: Screenplay format and 3-act structure. Watch clips. Read scripts. Write and workshop your story.
Gail’s scriptwriting alums have attended film schools in LA and Boston, interned at Cannes and placed at Oregon and Austin Film Festivals.

History of Religious Freedom in the US to 1840
CRN: 34064
HST 246
Distance Learning


Description: Americans love religious freedom, but few agree about its meaning. We explore the theological, social, cultural, economic and political preconditions of religious liberty, challenges to securing this liberty, religion in a free society, and the constitutional framework to help preserve this freedom.

US History from 1914 to the Present “How did we get Here?”
CRN: 32211
HST 203
CA 9am-11:50am T/R

Description: How did the “American Century” arrive at Donald Trump? Let’s work to understand our world by investigating from where it arose.

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