Gateway to College and Yes to College Celebrate Accomplishments

By Adan Uribe|May 26, 2017Student Writing|

gateway to college logoThere are five great resources in the LINKS Department, and there are two programs I want to acknowledge in this week’s issue. These programs are commendable resources that we as a PCC community should cherish and celebrate. I am referring to Gateway to College and YES to College.

These LINKS programs, having evolved from a single ESL program have been part of  PCC since 1994 and are all under the same umbrella, which strives to help students who otherwise might not complete their education and achieve their academic goals.

The LINKS mission is to empower students through personalized support, educational innovation, and academic excellence, serving as the cornerstone for revolutionizing college access and success. In a few weeks, Gateway to College and YES to College will be celebrating their latest group of students as they graduate from their programs.

PCC LINKS offers a wealth of resources designed to help students get the education they need to reach their goals – no matter where they are starting from. Gateway to College, for instance, is a unique scholarship program that helps high school students earn their diplomas while also earning college credit. YES to College, on the other hand, is designed to provide guidance and resources to students interested in continuing their education by earning a GED or developing English proficiency, and continuing into college and career coursework.

“YES to College was a stepping stone to success, and allowed me to look at education in a different way.”

According to Chris Hamreus, a YES to College Success Coach, “YES to College is an awesome program that offers scholarships, academic, and personal support resources to eligible students in a highly supported and individualized path to GED completion and/or English Language development. As well as a variety of post-secondary options for successful students.”

Both of these programs are distinct in that they help students complete their GED or high school diplomas in a comfortable and supportive environment. Adam Clark, a former YES to College and Gateway to College student is a current LINKS Student Support Specialist. He said the following: “YES to College was a stepping stone to success, and allowed me to look at education in a different way.” adding that this program “was a right fit at the right time for me.”

In the last five complete program years, 313 Gateway to College students earned their diploma and 798 YES to College students earned their GEDs. The numbers speak for themselves in showing how the dedicated efforts of these programs help students achieve their academic aspirations.

On Thursday, June 8, 2017 these programs will celebrate the students who have successfully completed either their High School Diploma or GED through these two support systems in the LINKS Department of PCC. The graduation event is from 5:45 pm to 7:45 pm in the McGuire Auditorium at Warner Pacific College (2219 SE 68th Ave, Portland).

Everyone is welcome to attend, hear from student speakers, and honor the graduates.




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