White House Internships for CC Students now open

By Faculty Advisor Tony Greiner|June 8, 2017Announcements|

The White House has opened applications for community college students to serve as interns in the coming year.  These are unpaid positions without housing being provided (no crashing in the Lincoln Bedroom), but the announcement says that sometimes support can be arranged from non-profit groups.

The application needs to be filled out online in one-sitting, and for the Fall term they are due June 16, with the start date being Sept 6.  Spring Term applications are due August 25, and start Jan 10.

The announcement says that political preference is not a deciding factor in the application review process, but “It is essential, however, that applicants are dedicated to the ideals and mission of the White House.”

More details, and a link to the application form can be found at https://www.whitehouse.gov/participate/internships/apply


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