Blast From the Past: The Bridge announces an new editor, 1983.

By Bridge Staff|November 6, 2017Student Writing, Sylvania|2 comments

1983 Photo of woman in jacket in newspaper offices

Jean Connolly, Editor, “The Bridge” 1983.

The Oregonian ran this photo in the Sept 18, 1983 edition.  The caption read: After raising a family and being a volunteer for various groups, Jean Connolly now spends her time as editor of the Portland Community College newspaper, The Bridge.

Ms. Connolly is probably standing in the offices The Bridge once occupied Sylvania Campus.  Notice the tools for laying out a print edition on the bulletin board behind her.  When she was named editor, in May 1983, she had to deal with a budget cut that forced her to operate with an allocation of $43,750 for the year. This year’s budget for The Bridge is $18,000.  A bit over half of that comes from the Student Activity Fee, the rest from advertising sales.

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  1. Faces change, tools change and styles change, but good journalism doesn’t. I was around when Ms. Connolly ran the Bridge. Back then, the paper was writing about budget cuts and administrative shenanigans – just like today! Keep up the good work!

  2. Ah – the good old days when PCC had funding from the state! Oregon, along with almost every other state in the US, has almost ended support for public education. It’s a sad state of affairs.

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