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The Clothesline Project is a display of shirts with messages and illustrations designed by survivors of sexual, domestic, and/or gender based violence, or by a loved one of someone who has been victimized.

Last April, in acknowledgement of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Sylvania’s WRC (Women’s Resource Center) put their Clothesline Project on display in the courtyard.  This project is made of 54 t-shirts made by survivors and/or their  friends, and family members of PCC students, faculty, and staff who have been directly affected by or personally experienced the effects of sexual, domestic, or gender-based violence. A representative from the WRC said “We chose T-Shirts as a medium for displaying these messages because, as the Clothesline Project’s website states, this event originated in Hyannis, Massachusetts in 1990 when members of Cape Cod’s Women’s Defense Agenda learned that during the same time 58,000 soldiers were killed in the Vietnam War, 51,000 U.S. women were killed by the men who claimed to love them. The Clothesline is made up of t-shirts created by survivors of violence, or created in honor of someone who has experienced violence. It is a powerful witness of the violence many live with.” T-shirts and art supplies were provided at a T-Shirt making event in April. “The T-shirts were made by both survivors and loved ones. Being a survivor means having experienced violence, so every victim is a survivor,” she said.  Some t-shirts were made by students who deeply care about the issue of sexual violence and aim at raising awareness on the problem.  The purpose of the Clothesline Project is to bring awareness of the effect of violence against all, to celebrate the strength to survive, and to provide another avenue for survivors to courageously break the silence that may surround their experience.

If you want to talk to someone or visit a WRC on your campus:

Cascade WRC – SU 301 M-W : 8am-5pm, Th-F : 8am-3pm
Rock Creek WRC – Bldg. 7 Rm. 119 M-Th : 10am-2pm (or by appointment)
Southeast WRC – Mount Tabor Hall Room 148 (Hours vary based on staff availability)
Sylvania WRC – CC 268 M,W, Th : 9am-4pm, T : 9am-2pm

The WRC is equipped with confidential advocates who have gone through a 40-hour training on Title IX and can offer emotional support. The center also connects students with resources both on campus and off campus, such as the Counseling Center here at PCC (, Call to Safety (, DV resources (, Crisis Lines, and many others according to the student’s needs.


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