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Vet Tech Students Helps Thai Elephants

Maggie Fennimore, a PCC student from Beaverton visited Thailand over the summer with “Loop Abroad” for a hands-on learning experience being a veterinarian. Fennimore, majoring in Veterinarian Technology, spent two weeks overseas. Her first week was spent volunteering care for dogs at the Animal Rescue Kingdom in Chiang

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Herbicide Use at PCC: Is it Sustainable?

Over the summer, staff here at PCC received e-mails containing information on herbicidal sprays at the Rock Creek and Cascade Campuses. These notices sparked the questions among students and staff- why, if we’ve taken such large steps towards sustainability, are we using chemicals at our campuses and are

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Scary Clowns now in Portland. No Joke.

Since August, clowns have a made a terrifying appearance throughout the US. Starting in Green Bay, WI and moving throughout the east coast the creepy clowns have finally appeared in Portland, OR. After “Gags the Clown” made his debut in Wisconsin, police started receiving calls about people dressed

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