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As the Layout and Web Editor for The Bridge, it is my responsibility to make sure the website is clean and updated. I am a husband and father of four wonderful kids. I am going to school for linguistics and journalism, and I hope to one day write for The Nation. I will not tolerate hateful language in the comments section, although I do encourage healthy debates.

How Work Study Works

“Work-Study” is a program of the Federal Government that has three purposes:  To give needy college students a chance to make some money, provide work experience, and to provide colleges with a source of labor. The maximum award for work-study jobs at PCC is $4,500 over either three

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White House Internships for CC Students now open

The White House has opened applications for community college students to serve as interns in the coming year.  These are unpaid positions without housing being provided (no crashing in the Lincoln Bedroom), but the announcement says that sometimes support can be arranged from non-profit groups. The application needs

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PCC Shines in Graduate Salary Rankings

The U.S. Department of Education has ranked local colleges on their graduates’ earnings compared to their cost of attending school. Portland Community College came through as the best in many categories. The story was broken by Andy Giegerich of the Portland Business Journal on Jan 6. Giegerich gave

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Toad Suck Summer

Toad Suck Summer recounts one person’s experience in the Civil Rights Movement. By Tony Greiner, Faculty Adviser and PCC Librarian. Laurence Wiig, a Hillsboro resident who grew up in Hawaii, has published a slender book of his memories of his youthful years in Hawaii, Berkeley California, and the

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