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How Work Study Works

By Tony Greiner|November 26, 2017

“Work-Study” is a program of the Federal Government that has three purposes:  To give needy college students a chance to make some money, provide work

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PCC Shines in Graduate Salary Rankings

By Tony Greiner|February 17, 2017

The U.S. Department of Education has ranked local colleges on their graduates’ earnings compared to their cost of attending school. Portland Community College came through

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Toad Suck Summer

By Tony Greiner|January 10, 2017

Toad Suck Summer recounts one person’s experience in the Civil Rights Movement. By Tony Greiner, Faculty Adviser and PCC Librarian. Laurence Wiig, a Hillsboro resident

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PCCs Athletic Past Recalled

By Tony Greiner|November 17, 2016

She started running as soon as she heard the shot. Obstacles blocked her path, and again, again, and ten times in total she leapt over

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Gareld Gedrose Remembered

By Tony Greiner|October 24, 2016

Tony Greiner, Faculty Adviser. Elsewhere in this issue is Kathi Rick’s tribute to her friend and student Gareld Gedrose. Gareld I was walking through the

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