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Retrospectives on the Japanese Internment

By Christopher Ponpitaksuk|February 14, 2017

By Christopher Ponpitaksuk. Executive Order 9066. On a February day in 1942, Franklin D. Roosevelt, spurred on by public paranoia, mass hysteria and the War

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Pro Writing Tips from a Real Editor

By Christopher Ponpitaksuk|January 10, 2017

Christopher’s 6 Pro Tips for Real Writers, from a Real Editor:   Howdy you all. It’s the Editor. Over the years I’ve received multiple questions

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A Paper in Memory: Thailand

By Christopher Ponpitaksuk|November 4, 2016

Ey Kwaai,  a paper in memory. Well, I’m pretty out of it you know. In between hitting the books, hitting the bottle, hitting the Bible

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Christopher on Parking

By Christopher Ponpitaksuk|October 17, 2016

From the Editor: So parking, right?. I’m not much for parking, but really, I can’t even drive and I still have to deal with it.

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