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Presidential Finalist Melinda Nish

In addition to her extensive instructional and administrative experience, as well as her educational background reported by Jim Hill, Ms. Nish has had a complicated and controversial tenure as superintendent/president at Southwestern College (SWC), in Chula Vista, CA. As reported in the college’s student newspaper, The Sun, Ms.

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Presidential Finalist Mark Mitsui

Mark Mitsui has been Deputy Assistant Secretary for Community Colleges at the United States Department of Education since 2013.  As that position is one appointed by the President, his position will be probably end next January, and he has applied for positions other than PCC.  MItsui was a

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Presidential Finalist Rassoul Dastmozd

Rassoul Dastmozd (pronounced RAHS-ool DAHS-most)  immigrated from his hometown of Rahst, Iran (near Tehran) in 1979 during the early stages of the Islamic revolution. According to the Twin Cities Pioneer Press, Dastmozd enrolled in Redlands Community College in Oklahoma, later transferring to a four-year college in Minnesota. As

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