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Cascade Campus Editor, Sebastian Kirchoff is a current student at the Cascade Campus of PCC and is majoring in English/Creative Writing. His love for writing and attention for detail secured him a position with his high school paper in Clever, Missouri as a writer and correspondent and the trend continues with his current position with The Bridge. Along with his professional experience in sales and customer service he has also written several short films and two feature films. He has had one short play, titled The Hitman produced for the PCC Theater Arts Program in 2012. Originally from Los Angeles, Sebastian has lived in several locations throughout the nation but decided upon Portland, Oregon to stay. He is an avid film viewer and critic, along with being a vinyl record aficionado with a sizeable collection. When he is not at the Hollywood or Laurelhurst seeing a new film, he can be found sampling different craft beers throughout the city at the many breweries throughout Portland.

Humans of PCC: Michael Hornsby

By Sebastian Kirchoff|January 18, 2016

On the afternoon of January 17th, I visited a fellow classmate of mine named Michael. We had previously taken a writing course, and got placed

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Cascade Learning Center News

By Sebastian Kirchoff|November 1, 2015

CASCADE LEARNING CENTER NEWS Terrell Hall 123 & Terrell Hall 220  Fall Term 2015 Learning Center Hours, TH 123, September 23 – December 9            

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