ASPCC Member Creates Shocking Display

By Joe Riedl|May 19, 2017

Ben Nzowo’s (pronounced n-zoh-woh)  first experienced racial profiling last year, after coming from the Democratic Republic of Congo to the U.S. to study. He and

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Gareld Gedrose Remembered

By Tony Greiner|October 24, 2016

Tony Greiner, Faculty Adviser. Elsewhere in this issue is Kathi Rick’s tribute to her friend and student Gareld Gedrose. Gareld I was walking through the

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Humans of PCC: Tristan Newberry

By Bridge Staff|March 27, 2016

“I am originally from Olympia, WA, where as a young child I stayed with my dad on a goat farm in an unplumbed, un-electrified shed.

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Humans of PCC: Michael Hornsby

By Sebastian Kirchoff|January 18, 2016

On the afternoon of January 17th, I visited a fellow classmate of mine named Michael. We had previously taken a writing course, and got placed

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No Shelter

By Sergio olmos|October 20, 2014

  In Portland roughly 1,895 people sleep unsheltered every night. Sergio Olmos and photographer Armin Radford try it for a night. Overhead the sun is

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