Go See Blank Panther

“Wakanda Forever!” I have to start this off by saying Daniel Kaluuya (Get Out) escaped the sunken place and ran straight to Africa. There are several important black superhero movies that preceded Black Panther. 1993 saw Robert Townsend release “The Meteor Man”. In 1994 Damon Wayans starred as

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Cascade Learning Center News

CASCADE LEARNING CENTER NEWS Terrell Hall 123 & Terrell Hall 220  Fall Term 2015 Learning Center Hours, TH 123, September 23 – December 9             Monday -Thursday             8AM-6PM             Friday                                    8AM-4PM             Saturday                               11AM-3PM Writing/Reading Center Hours, TH 220, September 28 – December 9             Monday – Thursday          

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"Oregonian" touts PCC

The lead editorial in Sunday’s Oregonian was about the role of Community Colleges in helping low-income students achieve a college education. Jose Esparaza, a PCC staff member, and President Pulliams were specifically mentioned.  You can read the entire editorial by following this link.