Cascade Bike Project!

By Julie Davenport|January 27, 2012Cascade|

As the college invests in ecology through transportation demand management as well as other areas, I have a question for you. How are you contributing? Cascade students, if you would like to commute by bicycle, but simply do not have one, you are in luck.

ASPCC Cascade, in partnership with many community sponsors and with the help of funds granted from the Green Initiative Fund (TGIF), has acquired bicycles to rent to students. You could be among the first to participate in the Bike Program, whose main goal is to promote accessibility to transportation options.

You, as a student in good standing, with six credits or more, at Cascade Campus can afford a bike. Through the program, just fifteen dollars each term gets you a bicycle, expertly maintained, recycled and built by our friends at the Community Cycling Center. It is complete with everything you need to be safe and dry: lights, a helmet, fenders and more. Maintenance is encouraged by free “stand time” and direction provided by the Bike Farm co-op.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, email, or talk to Perry, the bike program coordinator, in the Underground.

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