Rebuilding A Burned Bridge

By Jesse Day|September 21, 2012Student Writing|

Sylvania – The Bridge, Portland Community College’s student newspaper has returned. But, alas, like a ghost town without proprietors, The Bridge is an online paper without contributors.

This is a problem.

We need people to be writers, photographers, and graphic designers. However, for The Bridge to be a student newspaper we need something a little more.

We also need students, teachers, and administrators to help us support journalism by being willing to share to our community.

Journalism is powerful.

It incites both critical thinking and encourages the sharing of ideas.

That is an environment I want from a college.

During the past year, I have met a multitude of really talented and smart people yearning for a quick outlet.

I have met the news junkies and former high school journalists.

I know great artists, writers, and organizers.

Women and men who are great scientists, mathematicians, and philosophers.

All who have something to contribute to The Bridge.

The Bridge is returning after eight years in the dark.

Consider for a moment, the historic events that have transpired during that time.

Yet, our voice as students were silent.

Rebuilding this paper will be challenging, there is a complicated web of red tape and rules we must navigate through.

However, the journey will be worth it.

The Bridge has a history both noble and indecorous, a narrative that makes some at the college nervous.

The paper probably would have remained in the abyss of infinity if it were not for an ASPCC student leader and PCC honors student named Doug Taylor.

Taylor used the idea as his capstone project and convinced a wary administration to allow us to return.

He’s now studying at UC Berkeley, and we must now take the dream forward.

Right now, The Bridge is funded by student activity fees, and therefore is intimately tied with the college.

Our goal over the next year must be to figure out how to make this online publication independent and self sufficient.

I challenge you, the staff and students, to make this student paper more than just a collection of stories.

Let us work to rebuild this bridge into something that links students, faculty, and campuses.

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About Jesse Day

Former Managing Editor (2012), Jesse Day is a current Portland Community College student and multimedia coordinator for the Associated Students of Portland Community College (ASPCC). Jesse offers The Bridge nearly a decade of journalism experience in his position of Fall Managing Editor. He has returned to school to learn marketing and has an ultimate goal of being a filmmaker. Jesse's interests include: news, politics, and photography. He loves the great outdoors and meeting new people. Jesse lives in Tigard with his wife and three children.