Senator Jeff Merkley Visits Students, Encourages Voting

By Jesse Day|October 2, 2012News|

United States Senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR) meets with constituants at Sylvania Campus.

Sylvania – United States Senator Jeff Merkley helped Portland Community College student leaders at Sylvania campus kick off their voter registration drive.

The senator spoke to a room packed with students and administrators on National Voter Registration Day, before touring classrooms and talking to students.

Merkley pointed out that approximately 6 million students nationwide missed voter registation deadlines before the presidential election four years ago.

“Consider the things that matter to you and that’s why it is worth registering [to vote],” Sen. Merkley told students with PCC’s dental program.

While visiting with graphic arts students Sen. Merkley talked about the importance of voting for those who support education funding.

“We must enable our citizens and our students to be able to get the education to fulfil their potential. If we don’t do that – then you all are unable to pursue your dreams forward, and our economy isn’t able to thrive,” Merkley said.

The senator also looked to rally support behind ending the war in Afghanistan, strengthening environmental protection, and creating jobs as other reasons to register.

The event was sponsored by the Associated Students of Portland Community College, as part of its legislative team’s push to register students before the October 16, 2012 voter registration deadline in Oregon.

Cody Bauer, a student leader with ASPCC Sylvania’s legislative team, says that there is power in numbers when it comes to students as a voting block.

“We have a lot of issues coming to the forefront right now as students. It’s important for lawmakers hear us as voters,” Bauer said.

For the next few weeks, representatives from ASPCC will be handing out and taking in voter registration cards at several classrooms around the Sylvania campus.

Students can also turn in voter registration cards to CC101 until the deadline.


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