Instructor and Artist Expand Inside Cube

By Jesse Day|October 8, 2012Sylvania|

Sylvania – She’s been toiling over the summer, stuck inside Sylvania’s “glass cube” gallery in the CT building.

At the start of the Summer season, that gallery transformed into a workspace where the world could peer in on artist and PCC instructor Vicki Lynn Wilson.

This is where she designed and built Cumulus.

Just weeks ago, the gallery was a jumbled mess of boxes and paper rolls, and now it is a massive art piece extending from floor to ceiling and filling the 1900 square foot space.

The sculpture now depicts humanoids carrying a towering mound of objects while tethered to their homes.

Wilson, who blogged the whole experience, explains that it is a rarity in the art world to be given so much freedom.

“This is the kind of opportunity installation artists dream of. So often, work must be made in a small studio for a larger space and it only comes together as it is being installed,” Wilson said in one blog entry.

Those who missed the sculpture’s creation haven’t missed everything, Wilson is holding an artists talk on October 23 starting at 2:00 p.m.

She’ll wrap the whole thing up with a closing night performance on October 26 at 8 p.m.

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