All Are Invited to SE’s Asian New Year Celebration

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Naho Katagiri, PCC student and chair of the Asian New Year Celebration, talks with the Bridge about Southeast Campus’s signature event.

Note: Due to ongoing Bond construction at Southeast Campus, this year’s event will take place on Monday, February 18th, from 11:30am to 2:00pm at Warner Pacific College, McGuire Auditorium (2219 SE 68th Avenue, Portland).

Free parking and shuttle service to the event will be available at Southeast Campus.

The Bridge: Please tell us about the Asian New Year event and what attendees can expect.

Naho Katagiri: Asian New Year is a community event celebrating the New Year and the diversity of Southeast Portland. This year is the year of the Snake and it’s the 11th annual Asian New Year Celebration. We have great entertainment, music, art, door prizes, and food.

T.B.: Many PCC students are going to this event, but are the families and friends of students encouraged to attend?

N.K.: Yes! It’s open to everyone; this event is for the community, faculty, students, and their family.  Please bring your family and friends.

T.B.: How much will it cost, what food will be available, and what can attendees buy or receive during the celebration?

N.K.: Admission is $3 for community members, $1 for students, and free for children under 12.  Attendees will pay admission at the registration table. Food is included in the admission fee, so at the registration table, you will get a food ticket. If they like, attendees also can buy Asian New Year t-shirts for $5 each.

T.B.: Can you briefly tell us about your background and how you’re associated with this event?

N.K.: I am an international student from Japan. I am currently working at ASPCC as an International Advocate and Cultural Programmer. I have been participating as chair of the Asian New Year Committee since last fall.

T.B.:  As chair of Southeast Campus’s Asian New Year Celebration, what is something that stands out or excites you about the planning or preparation for this Monday’s community event?

N.K.: This is the signature event for Southeast Campus. Many students, faculty, and communities are involved. We celebrate diversity and different cultures during Asian New Year. In addition, it’s a great opportunity to build good relationships between PCC SE and our community. That has been very exciting. In the long process of preparation, the sense of community among team members has been very strong.

T.B.: How are these other team members involved in organizing this event?

N.K.: Many students and faculty are involved in this event as volunteers, such as canvassing, venue set-up, decorations, and so on. We also had the International Market on February 13th in the Great Hall, and many ESOL students participated in the event. They displayed wonderful panels about their countries.

T.B.: It sounds like a worthwhile event for all those involved and all those who will attend.  Do you have any parting words to readers?

N.K.: Please join us and celebrate Asian New Year! Bring your family and friends!

For more information about this year’s Asian New Year Celebration, check out

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