PCC Launches Marijuana Cultivation Program

By Bridge Staff|April 1, 2014Uncategorized|

PCC announced today that it would begin offering a Marijuana Cultivation program, beginning the Fall of 2014. College authorities stated that with the legalization of marijuana in Washington and Colorado, the prevalence of ‘Medical Marijuana’ outlets in Oregon, and the growing national move towards decriminalizing recreational use of marijuana, that this was a good time to grow a new program.

College spokeswoman Yarndie Green remarked that “Chemeketa Community College has its wine program, and Central Oregon community college having a beer-brewing program,” and “we were tired of being left out of the fun, and decided to be pre-emptive in getting this program going.”

PCC Board member Indica Ruderalis said after a closed door session that the college was going to finance the project by calling on Governor Kitzhaber to supply the necessary start-up funding, and then provide additional assistance to the college in future years. Noting that Washington State expects to raise over $500 million a year in taxing cannabis, “We hope that the governor will not only see the job-creation value in having this program, but that similar revenues in Oregon will be able to not only fund this program, but also the entire $428 million of the PCC budget.” “Just think,” said Ruderalis, “by designating Oregon marijuana tax revenues specifically to the college that leads to their creation, we can provide the free tuition for all community college students that the State has proposed.” Further questions went unanswered, as Ruderalis suddenly left the interview to hit the refreshments table.

The program was created due to the efforts of Xavier Rey, of the nursing program, who set up a license under the state’s medical marijuana program. However, the courses will be taught by Rock Creek’s landscaping department. James Blunt, department head said that his program was still working out the details of the program, but that the first course in the Terrestrial Hemp Cultivation program, (THC 420), will begin this fall, in doors. “The Greenhouses will provide consistent growing conditions, and keep those pesky Federal Drones away.” Blunt has preliminary plans to combine forces with the Business and Marketing program to sell the product under the name “Rock Bud.”

In an unrelated matter, food service head Bud Keff announced that he was doubling the number of vending machines on the Rock Creek Campus.

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