SY: Open debrief meeting on pro-life protest

By Jesse Maes|May 29, 2014Archive|

Debrief Session – Free Speech (Expressive Conduct) Incident

Sylvania campus administration would like to invite interested members of the campus community to a drop-in debrief session in response to the events of May 13, on which a controversial demonstration took place near the PAC Courtyard. The focus of the session is to allow individuals to share their perspectives on what happened and to provide a forum for questions and comments about the impact of the First Amendment in action at our campus.

We welcome all staff and students to attend and look forward to the dialogue on this important topic.

Debrief Session – Free Speech (Expressive Conduct) Incident:

Friday, June 6

2:00-3:30 p.m.

SY TCB 214

Heather Lang
Dean of Student Development, SY

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