Just when you thought it was safe to dry your hands…

By Bridge Staff|November 26, 2014Student Writing|

A topic of on-going concern and interest among the PCC community is the possibility of people getting an infection from the hot-air hand-dryers that were installed a few years ago in the PCC restrooms.  Previous stories in The Bridge in the topic include an examination of the safety of the hand dryers done by Kathleen Richardson, PhD, a recently-retired PCC teacher. That study recommended that the dryers be removed.  Richardson’s study was first reported in the “Potty Press” put out by ASPCC.  We also posted  an opinion piece written by former Bridge editor Justin Price.

It was brought to our attention that the  The Telegraph, a British newspaper, reported on a study on jet and warm air hand dryers found that jet air dryers increase the bacterial content of the air around them by 27 times. That article was criticized by the Dyson company, a manufacturer of air dryers as “commissioned by the paper towel industry and is flawed.”

To the best of our knowledge, the PCC administration has not made an official response to concerns expressed by students and staff.



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