Cascade Garage now open to Permit Holders

By Bridge Staff|December 8, 2014Announcements, Cascade|

As you know, the operation of our new underground parking garage is an experiment in progress. Right now, as part of PCC’s overall Transportation Demand Management plan, the entire garage is being operated on a pay-as-you-go basis in order to better accommodate students, faculty, and staff who only need to park at campus for a limited amount of time. This has led to a lower level of utilization in the garage than we had hoped.

So, as of the start of Winter Term 2015, we will open up 150 spaces in the garage for permitted parking, which will be available each day on a first-come, first-served basis. This means that those 150 spaces can be used by anyone with a PCC parking permit, just like the rest of the parking lots at Cascade. The remaining spaces in the underground garage will continue to be pay-as-you-go spaces, and will be clearly marked as such.

Thanks for your patience as we have test-driven the pay-as-you-go approach. Hopefully this new arrangement will maximize the use of the garage and strike a good balance between short- and long-term parking needs. We will continue to monitor parking usage in the garage and elsewhere on campus and make adjustments as necessary.


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