Portland to Host Cuddling Conference Feb 14

By Aaron Schain|January 31, 2015Archive|

By Aaron Schain.

Portland Community College alumni Samantha Hess has ventured into the business world with a fascinating new genre of business: professional cuddling. Her business, “Cuddle Up To Me,” is centered around the idea that human connection/touch is something that every human needs. Hess decided to start her business after hearing about a fellow professional cuddler in New York establishing a similar business. Her business has been gaining traction as of late and is continuing to attract media attention from all over the Pacific Northwest.

In honor of Valentine’s Day this year, Hess and her business will be hosting a start-up cuddling event in Portland. The event, Cuddle Con, will be a cuddling extravaganza of sorts. There will be numerous activities to engage in during the convention, ranging from yoga classes, to piggyback rides, all the way to “snuggly surprises.” Participants can say they went to the first cuddling convention ever.

The final schedule will br printed and available for pickup at “Cuddle Up To Me” when attendees check-in at noon at 1015 East Burnside Street, Portland.

The underlying theme at Cuddle Con 2015 will be the concepts of consent, safety, and comfort. Samantha Hess and Cuddle Con will be highlighting these themes beginning with a crash course on the culture of consent. Those who do not feel safe and comfortable are guaranteed 100% of their money back.

Prices range from $10 to $64 depending on what activities you might be interested in. $10 is for one ticket to the basic cuddle activities only, while the $64 ticket is for a VIP package for two which includes a two hour massage valued at $135.

See the related story in The Bridge on how to enter a drawing for a free ticket!

If you don’t have plans for Valentine’s Day this year (I don’t either), stop by Cuddle Con and give it a try. Bring a friend, a girlfriend, or even your mom. With the range of activities taking place during the event, fun (or at least a story to tell) will be had for all ages and all walks of life.

Information on cuddle con can be found here: http://www.cuddlecon.com/

As well as Hess’s personal cuddle website found here: http://cuddleuptome.com/

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