Cascade Library to be Remodeled next Fall

By Bridge Staff|March 12, 2015Archive, News|

by Tony Greiner, Librarian

The new Student Union and Cafeteria at Cascade opened this year, leaving the library and a few classrooms as the sole occupants of the old Student Center building. But that won’t be for long. As part of the expansion and remodeling of the Cascade Campus, the Student Center part (but not the library) is scheduled for demolition, beginning in August. Although it will still be standing, the Cascade Library will be remodeled, and a new front will be put on the library, about where “Main Street” currently stands. There will also be some changes inside the library, with an additional classroom and study rooms.

For this reason, the Cascade Library will be closed from August 2015 until about August 2016. Most of the books will be covered with sheets of plastic to protect them, but they will not be available for checkout. A room in Terrell Hall is being set up for students to find reserves and pick up books delivered from other campuses, the Summit System of college libraries, and Interlibrary Loans.

The reference librarians are working with the college staff to find places where students can come talk to a librarian about their studies. Plans are not final yet, but you may find librarians in the Student Union, Tutoring Center, or the computer lab on the Technology Education Building. The library staff is also developing ways to continue to offer instruction sessions for classes that are doing research projects.

With 2016 we will have an updated library, complete with some noise-reduction materials and more room in general. Details will be announced as plans are finalized.


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