Humans of PCC Coming in January 2016

By John Ostgarden|November 29, 2015Student Writing|

Many of you may be familiar with the incredibly popular and heavily followed page on Facebook titled Humans of New York. With over sixteen million Facebook followers, the page features inspiring and emotionally engaging stories of the ordinary people of New York City. Brandon Stanton is the genius behind the idea, and his book of the same name spent over twenty nine weeks on the New York Times Bestsellers list.

Humans of New York has inspired several variations on the theme showing the lives of ordinary citizens of cites around the world, including our plan to introduce our own version, Humans of PCC. We plan to introduce this project in the upcoming term, beginning in January 2016. Our vision for the project is to highlight the unique, inspiring and insightful lives of the students, faculty and staff of PCC.

We strongly encourage people to submit photographs and brief interviews with interesting people of PCC. If you do so, we will need contact information for both the subject and the submitter. Published submissions will be eligible for a ten dollar Fred Meyer gift card. “It ain’t much, but it pays more than Huffington Post.

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