SARC Visits RC Women’s Resource Center

By Abby|December 7, 2015News, Rock Creek|

By Abby Mann, Rock Creek Editor.

This last week the SARC (Sexual Assault Resource Center) visited PCC RC to talk about the services they offer and to…talk to us about tea??  At first this seems a bit, odd, but for anyone that’s seen consent is like tea, this makes perfect sense…and as SARC talked about, the survivor of sexual assault is never to blame:

The SARC staff member talked about how at SARC they do not define what sexual assault is for the people that seek their services because people who have been sexually assaulted have had their power taken away once, SARC strives to not do that again.  They not only offer services to the survivors of sexual assault, but also to family and anyone affected by sexual assault.  SARC also offers a 24-hr anonymous hotline: 503-640-5311.

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