Child Care Subsidy at Sylvania

By Bridge Staff|January 16, 2016Announcements, Sylvania|

The SAF (Student Activity Fee) Child Care Subsidy is still available for winter term through the Sylvania Women’s Resource Center (CC268). Applications for Winter term are due 
January 25th at​ 4 pm in the Sylvania Women’s Resource Center, CC268 (in the back of the cafeteria).
(Great News!)
This year, we expanded this subsidy to international students and undocumented students who don’t have access to Financial Aid. 
Here is our website page link that has more detail about this subsidy and downloadable application.
What is the Subsidy?  
The Sylvania Student Activity Fee (SAF) Child Care Subsidy is a financial assistance program for school-related child care. This subsidy is for out-of-pocket childcare costs accrued while attending PCC classes on campus. Children may be subsidized from infancy to age 11, based on the student parent full-time (12 credits or more) or part-time (between 6 and 11 credits) enrollment status.
Student-parents must meet the following conditions to qualify for the SAF Subsidy:
  • PELL grant eligible through Financial Aid *If you are not eligible for Financial Aid due to your visa/immigration status, please contact the Women’s Center.
  • Taking at least 6 credits per term
  • Childcare provider must be licensed by the state
  • Grants will not be given to those students already receiving childcare assistance from other sources
Please feel free to contact Maki Yoshinaga at 971-722-4651  or if you have any questions. 
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