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By Sebastian Kirchoff|January 18, 2016Humans of PCC, Student Writing|

On the afternoon of January 17th, I visited a fellow classmate of mine named Michael. We had previously taken a writing course, and got placed in the same class again this term. We had discussed film making and writing, and he gifted me a Super8 camera to be used for a short film of mine. I found him to be a friendly and interesting person, so I decided to interview him for our new program “Humans of PCC”.

Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Michael Hornsby has come a long way from home to settle in Portland. He originally arrived in Seattle in 1991 via one way Greyhound bus but in 1993 moved to Portland. He started taking courses at PCC in the late 90’s, though last Spring decided to take on more classes and work towards being a drug and alcohol counselor. “I spent a lot of years as a black-out alcoholic, but I’ve been sober for six years.”

When asked about other reasons why he’s going to school, he also mentioned that it’s important to his mother who is in hospice that he attend. “I would really like to sell my writing. I have a couple of people right now that are looking at my screenplay”. He also mentioned that in the nearly twenty years he’s been attending college courses he’s noticed that socially, things are not terribly different.


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