Why I Oppose Whiteness History Month

By Michael Pearson|January 27, 2016News, Special Coverage: "Whiteness" History Month|

Whiteness History Month is a setup unworthy of an institution of higher learning. The clever shift from White to Whiteness is all too obvious. Add a suffix and we have a wholly new inflection, emphasis on the second syllable, ending in a nasty little hiss. Whiteness. Define with all negatives. No celebration allowed. Control the masses. And Whiteness doesn’t necessarily refer to skin color. Really, what does it refer to? Albino giraffes? Toilet paper? No mention of the fact that White culture, (I prefer Western World) is the most diverse, vibrant culture the world has ever known. If you doubt this compare the English language to any other.

PCC is apparently the target of this exercise. Yet, we wait in vain for “Leadership” to tell us exactly what’s wrong. Where are the crimes? Who are the victims? These questions have been asked, but “Leadership” has declined to answer. Though they constantly tout their own courage they seem reluctant to answer a few simple and direct questions. Perhaps they feel they’ve intimidated the campus community to the point they no longer need to answer questions.

We are told that power must be redistributed in a more equitable manner. But power isn’t distributed like coupons. Power is acquired by personal effort. It is not given. But by all means teach the skills of acquisition of power. Become proficient in English. There is one of the most powerful tools available. Become proficient in the use of a computer and you will have at your fingertips a tool more powerful than any human before you has ever possessed.

But the grievance industry doesn’t want people to acquire personal power. It wants to reinforce their identity as victims. Only by keeping targeted groups convinced of their own powerlessness can it maintain its own control over them. The equity and inclusion people, the community organizers, the women’s resources groups, the minority studies “scholars” all reap huge benefits from their sordid and self-serving business. The salaries, benefits, study and travel grants, book deals, speaking fees all add up to a bounty too addictive to let go of.

To make sure victims remain weak and incompetent there must be a perpetrator, hence Whiteness. Like the great white leviathan in Moby Dick, Whiteness lurks in the deep, constantly moving, seeking, always there, just out of sight, but closer than you think.

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