Rock Creek Building 5 Grand Opening Ceremony: 3/2

By Abby|February 28, 2016Announcements, Rock Creek|

Rock Creek’s newly expanded Building 5 has been open since the beginning of Winter term, and now that everyone is more settled into the building and all the large moves have completed, Rock Creek is having a Grand Opening Ceremony for Building 5 on March 2nd.  Most of the festivities appear to run between 10AM-2PM.  There will be 2 free dance parties  in Building 5 (the first from 10-12PM and the other from 12-2PM), free refreshments, reduced price cafeteria items, and guided tours.

As part of PCC’s “How We Get Here Matters” initiative, students, staff, and guests are invited to use the PCC shuttle, carpooling, a bike, and other public transit options to come to visit Rock Creek’s Grand Opening.

For more information on Building 5 please visit the Bond program site by clicking here.


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