Campus Wide Voter Registration Drive

By Bridge Staff|April 1, 2016Announcements, News|

   Vote-ButtonThe election year is in full swing, as presidential candidates are campaigning for commander-in-chief. While it is hard to escape the constant news coverage online and on television, the election is not only important because of the presidency – it is also an extremely important year for Oregon.

Our U.S. House Representatives, U.S. Senator, our State Senate and House of representatives, the Governor, Attorney General, and many other positions including the Mayor of Portland will be on the ballot this November. These people will decide the amount of state funding to give to community colleges.

It is absolutely vital that students are registered, informed, and turn out to vote in both May and November, because when representatives are elected by a large student population, then they are more likely to stand up for the issues that matter to us.

In 2006, PCC’s annual tuition for in-state residents was $2,380, and $6,988 for out-of-state and international students. Now, a decade later, those prices have climbed to $3,456 in-state and $8,064 for international. Our tuition is going to go up again in 2017, and it will continue to rise unless our local, state, and federal legislatures decide to invest more in higher education – unless students have a high voter turnout in the election, and make their voices heard.

This Spring term, our student government is partnering with the Oregon Student Association, and all four campuses will be participating in a voter registration drive. We will be clipboarding in common areas and presenting in your classes.

If you are eligible to register, have moved in the last year, changed your name, have never registered in Oregon before, or haven’t voted since the 2014 midterm election, then you must register in order to participate in the primaries on May 17th. Also, since Oregon’s primaries are closed, you must be registered to either the Democratic or Republican party before April 26th if you want to participate.

Our coalitions will be driven by students, for students, which is why we need your help. All four campuses need volunteers to see that we meet our goals, and our community is prepared when they get their ballots. Volunteers will have the opportunity to develop leadership skills within the coalition, while participating in social events and building their resumes.

It is also a chance to be a part of something bigger than yourself.
If you are interested in getting involved, please contact:




Rock Creek:

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