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Terrell Hall 123 & Terrell Hall 220

Spring Term 2016

Learning Center Hours, TH 123, March 30 – June 8

MondayThursday             8AM-6PM

Friday                                    8AM-4PM

Saturday                               11AM-3PM

Writing/Reading Center Hours, TH 220, April 4 – June 8

MondayThursday           9AM-6PM

Friday                              10AM-2PM

Need to schedule an appointment with a WR tutor?  Call 971 722-5995.

Our services are for currently registered PCC students.  Tutors provide help with PCC-related coursework.  We offer one-on-one drop-in, appointment, and large group tutoring depending on the subject area.  Please check our posted schedules and white boards carefully as we do not have tutors for all subject areas at all times.


Specific Subject Area Information


Anatomy & Physiology/Biology

Kristin, Juanes, and Julie are here with us this term to help students as follows.

Kristin                       Tuesdays & Thursdays  1-6PM

Juanes                       Fridays  9AM-4PM & Saturdays  11AM-3PM  (No 4/22 or 4/23)

Julie                           Mondays 9AM-2PM & Wednesdays  9AM-1PM

We also have the bone boxes, microscopes, and slides available when tutors are here.



Explore chemistry with Stephanie, Heidi, Juanes, or Ken.

Stephanie                 Mondays  11AM-12PM

Heidi                          Thursdays  2-3PM

Juanes                       Fridays  9AM-4PM & Saturdays  11AM-3PM  (No 4/22 or 4/23)

Ken                             Mondays  2-3PM, Tuesday & Thursdays  3-4PM



Find Carol Gwo in Terrell Hall 112 on Tuesdays 1-5PM and Thursdays 11AM-1PM.  (No 4/21)

Carol facilitates very lively and interactive tutoring sessions for first and second year Chinese students.



Whether in more advanced CAS classes or just needing some gaps filled in, we have tutors for you.

Susan                         Mondays  10AM-12PM

Noreen                       Thursdays  9-11AM

Marcia                       Mondays  1-4PM, Wednesdays & Fridays  9AM-12PM

Zita                             Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays  1-4PM  (No 4/7)

Rocco                          Tuesdays  10AM-12PM

Don                             Wednesdays  1-6PM

Marcia is also available in her TH 232 office on Tuesday and Thursday AMs for more individualized help.  Just drop in or give her a call at 971 722-5344 to arrange a time.



Thanks to instructor Justin Elardo, we have an Economics tutor with us this term.  Find SA Anders in TH 209 on Mondays & Wednesdays 4:30-7PM.



  1. ESOL levels 1-3 students can arrange for tutoring services through Volunteer Literacy Tutoring.Find Gale in her office in TEB 211 on Tuesdays 11AM-2PM & Wednesdays 11AM-3PM.
  2. ESOL level 4 and higher students should plan to attend Grammar 1 on Mondays and Wednesdays 9-10AM in TEB 120. (No 5/11-5/29)
  3. ESOL levels 6-8 students needing help with reading /writing should visit with Ann, Olivia, Cheri, or Aaron in the Writing Center located in TH 220.
  4. ESOL students needing help with pronunciation should join us for IPA workshops.They are scheduled 9-10:30AM on Fridays 4/8, 4/15, 4/29 and 5/6 in TH 100.



  1. MTH 20-251, General Math Classes: We have tutors for general math classes during all our open hours.
  2. Stats. I: Find tutors here during all open hours.
  3. Stats. II: Find tutors here Mondays 11:30AM-4PM, Tuesdays 8:30AM-3PM, Thursdays 8:30AM-4PM and Saturdays 11AM-3PM.
  4. MTH 211-213: Greta is here Wednesdays 11AM-12PM; Susan is in CH 109 Thursdays 2-4PM; and Robert is in CH 109 Fridays 8-10AM.
  5. MTH 58/98: If you need help with strictly math, see any math tutor.  If you need help with the computer applications, see computer tutors Susan, Noreen, or Zita.  See the Computer section for days/times.  Many of your instructors are also here at times.



Jerry Brask has once again arranged for a Paralegal 101 tutor.  Meet with Amy Turenhout on Tuesday 5-6PM or Wednesday 8-9AM in TH 109.



Josh Gayheart is back with us.  Find Josh in TH 112 Tuesdays 2-5PM.  Josh is able to help all first year students.  Coming soon, Gustavo Rodriguez for first and second year students.



Writing tutors in TH 220 can help students with all aspects of writing in all subject areas.  They offer both appointment and drop-in times.  Appointments guarantee 30 minutes of tutor time, while drop-ins are limited to 20 minutes.  For an appointment stop by or call 971 722-5995.

***Instructors,  Please remind your students to plan ahead.  When a good number of students from the same class decide to swing by the Writing Center for some last minute help the hour before a paper is due, most are disappointed because they are not all able to access a tutor.



April is Whiteness History Month at PCC.

Visit to view the many events and presentations happening on campus.  Most events take place on either Monday or Wednesday from 1 to 2PM during Common Hour.


Black Love Day, April 5, 10AM-9PM, SU 2nd Floor, and MAHB 104

Enjoy workshops, speakers, and the African Commerce Markets.  The keynote speaker is Dr. Joy Degru.

Sponsored by the WRC, 971 722-5249.


Club Fair, April 13 & 18, 10AM-3PM, SU First Floor

Join a club or start your own,

Contact Chelsea of ASPCC at for more information.


Sustainability Club Earth Week Events, April 18, SU Outdoor Plaza

10AM-4PM               Sustainability Table Expo

2-4PM                        Trash for Peace Workshop

4:30-6:30PM             “This Changes Everything”  (Film in SU 2nd Floor)

To learn about other events and activities, visit the ASPCC Desk in SU 2nd Floor.


ASPCC Food Nook

The Food Nook is always accepting donations.  You can drop your donation of food items or cash at the ASPCC Student Desk in SU 2nd Floor.

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