Some Students Walked out in Response to Trump Election

By Bridge Staff|December 22, 2016Cascade, News, Rock Creek|

On Nov 23, there was a hastily organized effort to get interested students to walk out of class at noon in order to protest the election of Donald Trump.

According to an email from Rock Creek Campus President Sandra Fowler Hill, “Approximately 70 at Rock Creek participated in the Nov. 23 PCC District Walkout. The group gathered outside the ASPCC activity area of Building 5 to show support for those vulnerable groups targeted during the recent presidential election. Students asked that PCC be declared a sanctuary college and asked for additional support for the campus resource centers. Cheryl Scott, Narce Rodriquez and I have met with several of groups of students this past month to listen and to learn more about their demands for a better PCC.”

There was also a smaller walkout at Cascade.  No reports have come in about similar activities at other locations.

At the meeting of the PCC Board of Directors on Tuesday Dec 20, the Board did pass a resolution declaring the college to be a “Sanctuary Campus.”  See the linked story for more details.

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