Toad Suck Summer

By Tony Greiner|January 10, 2017Student Writing|

Toad Suck Summer recounts one person’s experience in the Civil Rights Movement.

By Tony Greiner, Faculty Adviser and PCC Librarian.

Laurence Wiig, a Hillsboro resident who grew up in Hawaii, has published a slender book of his memories of his youthful years in Hawaii, Berkeley California, and the American South. Toad Suck Summer gets its name from a small town in Arkansas named Toad Suck and is an easy read, written with humor and feeling. It came about as a result of Wiig’s taking a class at PCC, “Your Story: Pen to Print” taught by A.M. O’Malley. Wiig’s editors were Justin Price (one of the original editors of the recreated Bridge from four years ago) and Andrea Larson-Price from Big Dipper Writing.

Wiig had varied experiences as a white student who eventually was to graduate from Howard University, a Historically Black College in Washington, D.C.  His interest in human rights, and desire to understand and help led him, among other things, to be on the Mall in Washington when Martin Luther King gave his “I Have a Dream” speech.

Wiig’s book can be checked out of the PCC Library.

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