Stop! Bellwether Time!

By Bridge Staff|February 28, 2017Announcements, Rock Creek|

Attention students, The Bellwether Review is now accepting submissions for its spring edition!

The Bellwether Review is the Rock Creek campus literary journal in which we feature original student art and writing.  So if you love to write, or compose beautiful art, and you attend the Rock Creek campus, we highly encourage you to contribute. All you need to do is submit a document/picture of your pieces to  You will be notified whether or not your pieces are selected, AND will receive a copy when it is published and ready for distribution.

If you’re looking to get involved and need a four credit class, this year’s Bellwether, will be under the direction of Elissa Minor-Rust, and will be listed in registration as: Advanced Creative Writing Editing and Publishing classes, WR 246 and WR 249.


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