Evacuation Drills

By PCC Press Release|April 3, 2017Announcements|

During the week of Monday, April 10, 2017 through Thursday, April 13 2017, evacuation drills will be conducted district wide. These drills are being coordinated through Safety and Risk with assistance from Public Safety and each respective Campus Emergency Team.

These practice evacuation drills are necessary to ensure the safety of staff, students, and visitors should an actual incident occur (e.g., a fire, an explosion, or other incident that would require evacuating a building). Each building on each campus/center will undergo a practice evacuation drill that lasts for approximately 10-15 minutes.

evacuation drill schedule

We understand that there is never a perfect time to conduct these evacuation practice drills, but we must remember that catastrophic events do not occur at a perfect time either. Your participation and support will help enhance the safety of our staff and students.

If you have questions about the drill, please contact Safety and Risk at 971-722-2869, Public Safety at 971-722-4902, your campus Emergency Team Members, or your campus/center Public Safety sergeant.

If employees or students who experience disability have concerns about participation in these drills, they should do the following:
Employees should discuss their concerns with their supervisor and/or the ADA Coordinator Maria Mendez.
Students should discuss their concerns with their instructor and/or Disability Services.

Thank you for your participation and willingness to help make PCC a safe place for students, staff, and visitors.

Derrick Foxworth Sr.
Director of Public Safety
Portland Community College

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