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By c cutsforth|April 13, 2017News, Student Writing|

Students and Staff,

Before the morning cars lumber into the parking lots, before the students stream into the classrooms, during the earliest morning hours on campus, a collection of remarkable people do their work before everyone else does theirs.

We rarely see them. In many ways, they are almost invisible to the students and staff. They scour our classrooms, erase the white boards, empty trash and vacuum. The aim of custodial workers is to do their work so flawlessly that we never have to think about them. At PCC Sylvania they do this very well.

But I was entirely delighted to meet one of the elusive, hardworking, early morning denizens this week. The encounter touched my heart because of our current tenuous climate in our country.

Last Thursday I needed to arrive way too early in my Sylvania classroom to set up for an 8:00AM final exam. I surprised a custodial worker while he was vacuuming. The smiling man asked me if I wanted a side office cleaned up. My response in Spanish surprised me as much as it surprised him. After hiking in Spain for much of September I had become accustomed to (attempting) responses in others’ native language. We started up a conversation, and I was so pleased to meet Trino Hernandez. I told him how much I enjoyed (attempting) Spanish and he encouraged me to try more conversation. While he continued his work, he helped me refine my pronunciation and enlightened my limited vocabulary. We shared our work history at PCC (mine 20 years, his was 4 in his current role). The exchange was brief, (Yikes, I had an 8:00 AM Final exam to give!) but it made me marvel at how many kind people take care of our campus, and we rarely see or acknowledge them. I just want to say thank you to all of them.

-Cece Cutsforth  |  Adjunct Instructor, Graphic Design

PCC instructor Cece Cutsforth



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