Talent Expo

By Carla Macedo Diaz|April 14, 2017Announcements|

The PCC Talent Expo is in need of performers, artists, and project designers!

“The Expo promotes a talent show recognizing the performing arts and an academic expo displaying academic projects. This combination event will occur on each campus with 1st place winners performing/presenting their work at the District End of Year Party on May 12th.”

Performances: may include but are not limited to pop/rap music, singing, dancing, traditional instrumental music, comedy and many other cool/interesting performances from talented students!

Academic Projects: must be original works and might include paintings, drawings, multimedia, displays, STEM-related, welding/metal work related or other projects. These could be projects students are currently working on or ones completed last term, as long as it is their original work and is completed by the Expo date for display.

Applications are available in ASPCC rooms of all campuses:

  • Rock Creek: Building 5, room 115
  • Cascade: Building SU, on the second floor
  • Sylvania: Building CC, room 101
  • Southeast: Building MT, room 152

**Participants will need to pick one campus where they would like to perform.**

Rock Creek’s Talent Expo is on Wednesday, April 19th from 4–6PM in the Building 3 Forum.


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