Summer Pell Returns

By Mountain.Barber|May 15, 2017Announcements|

Usually the government doing something that affects students is news to dread, but for once there’s some good news on that front. On Monday, May 8, Congress passed a piece of bipartisan legislation to refund the summer Pell Grant Program starting with the 2017-2018 school year. This means that starting this summer, PCC students will be able to receive additional Pell Grant funding for classes, since PCC’s financial year starts with the summer quarter. (Assuming that the Department of Education manages to pull off all the paperwork without any major problems.)

This is actually the second time the summer Pell Grant has been instituted- the last time, though, it was poorly planned out and caused considerable confusion among students and school staff. One major problem was caused by the requirement that summer credits were required to go towards a the next year, when a large percent of summer class takers are going because they can’t take a full load during the regular year. It was rescinded due to budget shortfalls that occurred (these issues that have been better prepared for this time) largely by letting colleges have more discretion in assigning the grants.

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