The Year Comes to an End.

By Bridge Staff|May 27, 2017Student Writing|

Reflections on The Bridge’s first year back into print.

The Bridge's staff

The Bridge staff: Adan Uribe, Christopher Ponpitaksuk, Quinn Everts, Jake Edgar and Carla Macedo-Diaz.

It’s almost over folks, and it’s been one heck of a ride. We wanted to take a moment to talk about some of the changes that have occurred here with The Bridge and some of the plans we have as we move forward.

First, after a decade long hiatus, a group of encouraged students and staff brought The Bridge back to life as an online publication. I have so much to thank them for, especially Faculty Adviser Tony Greiner for hanging on each year, getting just a little bit better each time.

Then last year, at the end of summer, Mr. Greiner struck a deal with Pamplin Media, and we became tangible for the first time in about 15 years! We have a long and rich history, but despite having a group of loyal readers, too many students still didn’t know we existed. Since being back in print, we believe that has changed.

The College does not support The Bridge in any kind of financial, or written way. We are fully independent, baby. And that means we have advantages and disadvantages, but mostly it just means the people involved really, really want to be involved. That being said, the staff wanted to say a few things regarding the community we built.

“Carla Macedo-Diaz, the Rock Creek reporter, said she ‘loved the 7/11 pizza!’”

Layout Editor Christopher Ponpitaksuk said “Nobody ever turned a single thing in on time, not once.” Which isn’t entirely true, but the sentiment stands. This is a hard paper, we are entirely on our own, and without support from the administration we have often struggled to stay motivated. But you’ll also notice that no issue was ever late, Christopher made sure of that.

Carla Macedo-Diaz the Rock Creek reporter said she “loved the 7/11 pizza!” which was another symptom of our budget. We host bi-weekly meetings and the burden of feeding everybody has fallen on the tight budget of our loving host and faculty adviser Tony Greiner; he said “It’s actually pretty good though!” and he meant it.

But there was some incredible reporting done, from Carla’s investigation into the faculty member accused of installing a camera in a gender neutral restroom, to the staggering look into PCC’s history with the Newberg roof by Emma Meshell and Leah Bell-Johnson. We covered music, and the efforts by the College to keep lead out of the water. We covered social issues like domestic violence and Community access to education.

The Bridge's staff

The Bridge’s staff: Joe Riedl, Carla Macedo-Diaz, Mario Lopriore, Christopher Ponpitaksuk at the Oregon Newspaper Foundation Awards.

We won some awards and honorable mentions too, like third place at the “Oregon Newspaper Association” for the work regarding “Whiteness History Month,” a very complex issue that encouraged a broader conversation. Our Southeast reporter Kimberly Rinehart won second place with the Pacific Northwest Association of Journalism Educations for one of her hilarious cartoons, and an honorable mention came from that same organization for Managing Editor Jake Edgar’s “Top Ten Albums of 2016.”

Overall there have been some radically different highs and lows, from the snowstorm screwing up winter term, to a conference experience learning with a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist.

We are deeply grateful for the support and submissions that we have received from the student body, and we look forward to doing it again next year.

Good luck on your finals!








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