Mountain’s Book Reviews: Prom Night on the River of Death by PCC Faculty Jason Rizos

By Mountain.Barber|September 23, 2017Opinions|

I can’t say I’d ever thought I’d feel particularly sympathetic towards a protagonist named Chester the Molester, but I never counted on this book. Jason Rizos, instructor at PCC, has created a truly weird story with Prom Night on the River of Death. 

Prom Night on the River of Death is a comedic horror homage. Chester carries a rusty old hook and abducts kids for ransom. Despite the name, he’s a consummate professional- he’s only in it for the money, there’s no molestation involved. When he abducts the captain of the cheerleading team right before prom, though, everything starts going sideways fast.  


Aliens, murderous pirate cheerleaders, and apocalyptic survivalists are just a few of the weird characters that populate this book. It takes place in the same partially collapsed America that his previous book, Supercenter, occurs in, though otherwise has little to do with Supercenter. (Though if you’re a fan of YA dystopia, Supercenter’s a fun one- it’s a little pocket dystopian city inside a Walmart.) 

Despite the splintering of America into fractious little nation-states and the partial collapse of civilization, life for most people still stays as banal as you would expect from suburbia today. It’s a cynical message, but it rings true: Never underestimate humanity’s capability to be boring and stupid. 

Jason Rizos’ previous book, Supercenter, is available from PCC’s library system. Prom Night on The River of Death is available on Amazon. 

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