Macklemore and Cyrus Drop New Albums

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Macklemore standing on stage


Last month the Seattle MC Macklemore released his first solo album in more than a decade. Gemini shows Macklemore as a revived, more confident artist. In a recent interview he recently expressed that he was in a good place while making this album.

The opening of “Ain’t Gonna Die Tonight” with Eric Nally is nothing short of a self-motivated and self-confident anthem. Closing with “Excavate,” with the echoes of a gospel choir and the angelic voice of Saint Claire with Macklemore self-reflecting and stripping himself down to a simple question, “But who am I when they cut the lights and nobody’s watching me?”.

Listen to: Track 16, Excavate

Miley Cyrus

Singer Miley Cyrus playing an acoustic guitar


Younger Now

On 29 September 2017 the Nashville native, dropped her sixth studio album Younger Now which shows her country roots. From the first track “Younger Now,” Miley embraces her past. She is not afraid of her “Bangerz” days, embracing the woman she is today with the perfect track to blast in your car on a sunny day.

On “I Would Die For You,” you can hear how in love she is: “That you are everything to me/You’re sweeter than candy and better than any childhood dreams/I am yours and you are mine/I have your heart,/I don’t even need a ring/I’d give up all I have in exchange for who I love more than anything,” and even on her duet “Rainbowland,” which is with the legendary, Dolly Parton, (who is also her godmother) this album is exploding with love, happiness and good’ol country soul.

Listen/Watch: Track 3, Rainbowland

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