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By Katie San Roman|October 21, 2017Music, Student Writing|

Cover of Beck AlbumBeck, Colors
follows up his Morning Phase three years later with Colors,  providing those long-lost modern pop vibes Beck knows how to give. Colors is what it feels like to hear bright neon yellows, oranges, blues, greens, and purples coming out of a speaker. “I’m So Free” is what I think everyone will be playing once finals are over. (What do you mean it’s only the fifth week of the term?) “Up All Night” is the song you can blast at full volume and dance your cares away. “Dear Life” while still upbeat and catchy, is the track for those times when nothing is going right, at all. “Dear life, come and pick me up/Dear life, I think the button’s stuck/Dear life, I think it’s gone too far/Dear life, please lower the bar/Lower than the stars.” If you are a vinyl enthusiast, this will be a record that will make you feel as though a rainbow is hugging you.
Beck, Colors
Listen to: Track 4, Dear Life

Marc E. Bassy, Gossip Columns
If you haven’t heard Marc E. Bassy, you should start listening. In this album the Bay Area native takes us along on his journey through the ups and downs of love.  In “You & Me” Bassy collaborates with fellow Bay Area native, G-Eazy, to take a new look at what most breakups  look like when your social circle and your ex’s social circle overlap. You go from talking and being together 24/7 to seeing each other in a coffee shop and having nothing to say. The island rhythm mixes with the straight to the point chorus: “If we bump into each other/On a crowded street/It’s not us no more/It’s just you and me/We’re just strangers in passing casually/It’s not us no more/It’s just you and me.” The single off the album, and the last song recorded, “Plot Twist” combines a playful beat with the always super duper rapper KYLE. The lyrics come together perfectly in showing how just one kiss can lead to another, and another…and BOOM. Feelings rise and you’re in a relationship now. “Plot twist, I never thought it would end up like this/I always thought it would only be one kiss/One became a hundred/Oh, all of a sudden, I’m saying, “I love you”/Plot twist, everything’s happening so quick”.

Listen to: Track 4, Plot Twist


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