Graphics: PDX east of 82d Av Poorer than West Virginia

By Bridge Staff|October 21, 2017News|

Jessica Howard, the President of the Southeast Campus shared this information at the SE Campus Inservice.  The data was compiled with the assistance of PCC’s department of Institutional Effectiveness and drawing from research available from Multnomah County.The map to the left shows which zip codes supply the students who attend SE Campus.

Graph showing wealth per Oregon County

Per Capita Income by Counties in Oregon


The next graphic takes the idea that 82d Avenue is the imaginary divider between two counties:  West Multnomah and East Multnomah.  It uses the concept of per capita data.  Per capita is latin for “for each person.”  So if all the income earned by West Multnomah residents were earned equally, for every person, regardless of age, each person would receive $38,700 a year.

This “West Multnomah” could be the wealthiest county in Oregon, and, if it were a State, the second wealthiest in the USA.  Connecticut is first at $39,373, New Jersey is second at $37,288.

The other side of 82d, East Multnomah would be among the poorer counties in the state and would be the 49th wealthiest state, between West Virginia and Mississippi. (Oregon as a whole is right in the middle, at 25th)

Although Multnomah County as a whole is doing quite well financially, the east side tells a different story.  East of 82d avenue in Portland has 28,900 people living in povery, which is 24% of the population.

According to Vice President Katy Ho, Southeast also is the most racially diverse of the four campuses. These changes in the population of students that PCC serves is one of the challenges and opportunities facing the college and President Mitsui.

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